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Fun Music Classes in Our Neighborhood! A Sneak Peek at Prelude Music
Written by Karen Logan   
It's so special to make music with other people! On Monday, January 8, a handful of our readers joined me (Karen) at Prelude Music Classes to try out a couple of the music classes Prelude offers to families in The Woodlands. Below is a video that'll show you all the fun highlights!

We started out with free time in Prelude's imaginative, Montessori-inspired playroom stocked with wood toys, baby dolls, building blocks, and puzzles, and then we were summoned to the music room where the rest of the magic took place. The video speaks for itself - lots of rhythm-making, hand clapping, singing, dancing, and playing, all the while enjoying a beautiful bond with our children and each other. We ended each class with a calming music & rocking exercise, special snuggle time with our little ones, and complimentary snacks for our group, courtesy of Prelude. 


What you don't see in the video is how cool, calm, and collected the music leader, Kasia, is. She made our music class a "happy," unhurried, uninhibited, space where kids and grown-ups alike could feel free and at ease. She also took care to give us insight into how our kids were connecting and learning throughout their musical experience there. I dare say I gained new awareness and appreciation for the responsive and ever-inquiring minds of our little ones!
But I wonder if our readers even know where Prelude is located! I usually just tell people "Research Forest at Kuykendahl," but, you know, it is The Woodlands, and things are not always as visible. So unless you've made a deliberate effort to visit Prelude or one of the adjoining businesses, you might be clueless. The address is 7901 Research Forest, and you'll spot Prelude's non-pretentious storefront right next to Domino's, in the same parking lot with Shipley Donuts, all on the south side of Research Forest.
At their Woodlands location, Prelude offers classes for babies and children up to age 5, a special Rhythm Kids classes for kids ages 5 to 9,  Family Classes, and even a Guitar for Grownups class. You might know that my 7-year-old has Down Syndrome and is intellectually slower than most of her peers; well, I was too excited to learn that children of all developmental ages are welcome in all of Prelude's classes! We love to be included, and we just might have to check out Rhythm Kids! We hope you can check out a class too. Learn more online at your social media marketing partner
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