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Top Options for Indoor Fun in The Woodlands
altRainy or cold days often mean too much TV, in-home craftiness, creative baking and pent up energy! Maybe you've just reached the end of a "rainy day ideas" search on Pinterest? Fortunately, if you're willing to do a mad dash from the car, The Woodlands is full of unique family fun to relieve rainy day boredom.
We've listed some options below, but before you head out it is always a great idea to call ahead or check the business' website or Facebook page to see if they are open for fun when it happens to be miserable out.
For the kids to actually bounce off the walls:

If you need a bit of variety with lunch and something for everyone:

Is your family up for a bigger adventure?
If you need a more simple break:
If you'd like to get crafty (aka messy) in someone else's "house", paint a piece of pottery or a blank canvas! The businesses below may not offer open studio time when it is raining, so please call ahead!
To stimulate the mind, a few businesses offer open class or open gym time (again, call ahead to check; membership might be required):
Sometimes (gasp!) even moms get stir crazy. We have a few suggestions for taking a break from your kids:
  • Area gyms like Villasport and the YMCA offer child care while you work out (or rest and have a coffee)
  • Hugsieland at Kroger in Sterling Ridge offers a similar 2 hour child watch service while you shop (or rest and have a coffee).
  • Adventure Kids Playcare (drop-in childcare and entertainment center for kids ages 6 weeks to 12 years old)

Often planning a break outside of the house for breakfast, lunch, or a snack is all it takes to get the kids excited and helps shake up the day. A few Chick-fil-A's and McDonald's in the area offer free play structures. Don't forget to check our Kids Eat Free pages to see if you can score a rainy day deal at an area restaurant. your social media marketing partner
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