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About Us
Cheers to you for finding our website!

We're a locally owned website designed especially to make life a little easier and a lot more fun for Woodlands-area moms. At, we believe moms who have fingertip access to local community resources and support find it less challenging to create healthy, happy families. Our goal is to provide a mommy website for The Woodlands and surrounding neighborhoods that will serve your need to discover whats happening in your area, express yourself online, connect with other moms, be entertained, and more. The good news - We are not an organized moms group, so theres no membership required. Instead, were a public resource for ALL moms! Even better news  throughout the year, we organize fun and informative mommy-friendly events that are always open for public enjoyment. So drop in often, sign up to receive our newsletters, participate in our contests, send us your news and photos, and enjoy our site!

Founder / Editor-in-Chief - Karen Logan

Mom-in-charge, Karen Logan, is a work-at-home mother of four daughters and currently resides in The Woodlands. Logan founded in the Spring of 2007.

Thanks for dropping in! I know the Internet can be an overwhelming space, and finding just the information you need can often be a frustrating  and time-consuming process. Our editorial team makes great effort to evaluate the existence and accuracy of the information we provide, and we strive to make your one-stop destination for anything you can think of related to moms in The Woodlands area.

Assistant Editor - Keri Stooksbury

Keri Stooksbury is originally from Atlanta, GA and has lived in The Woodlands since 2004, spending 2 years overseas before returning in 2012. She has three children, including a four year old son and two year old twins (a son and daughter).

When I moved back to the Woodlands with a 3 month old baby I was without a “community” – no idea where to start learning about the area, the kid-friendly businesses or what was happening around town. I am excited to join as they continue to be an incredible resource to help enrich the lives of area families. your social media marketing partner
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