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Homeschool Hub

Here you'll find a myriad of information from curriculums and resources to local field trip ideas, discounts and more. But wait… This section isn’t just for "homeschoolers". Even if your child goes “off” to school five days a week, our Homeschool Hub will help you do your part when it comes to developing his mind and giving him the education he needs (whether primary or supplemental). Learning opportunities abound, even outside of the 8-3 structure. So enjoy this section of our website and enjoy these precious years with your child.

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More than anything else on the homeschooling journey, choosing curriculum has to be one of the most difficult things to do. There are so many decisions and choices. Hopefully, this list of popular curriculums will help narrow the field.

Whatever your child’s interest, there is probably a homeschooling class or learning opportunity available to meet that need. If not, fear not. You can always start one! This list is just a small taste of what the Greater Houston area has to offer homeschoolers.

Competitions and incentive programs spice up the homeschooling routine. Some homeschoolers take a break from their daily routine to focus the student’s studies around preparing for the activity. Others just view the competition or program as an extracurricular activity. Competitions are also great motivational tools for the more reluctant learners. Either way, competitions and incentive programs are worth looking into for the homeschooling family.

The World Wide Web offers a wealth of free online educational games and programs for children of all ages. There are literally thousands, so we’ve narrowed down the list for you. Enjoy our top picks.

Free lesson plans, teaching ideas, worksheets, printable activities, and more!

Homeschoolers in the Greater Houston area enjoy endless opportunities and possibilities for expanding their classroom beyond the home. From the arts to the sciences, and everything in between, living in the fourth largest city in the nation makes learning quite an adventure!

From novice to veteran, at some point, all homeschooling parents need a good list of resources to turn to for new ideas and encouragement. By no means exhaustive, here is a great list of books, magazines, websites, local homeschool organizations, homeschool learning supply companies, and local resources to get you started.

There is nothing quite like walking into a homeschool or teaching supply store and being able to touch, see, and smell all of the wonderful resources they have to offer. Sit down on the floor or curl up in the nearest chair and dig in as you select curriculum for your children. Most owners and employees of these establishments are more than happy to answer your questions or order anything you need.

No man is an island and this is so true in the world of homeschooling. A key ingredient in a successful homeschool is an encouraging support system. Here in The Woodlands area, there is such a variety of homeschool support groups that it actually makes it quite easy to find a great group of people to learn and grow with. A common strategy for choosing a group is to browse different group websites, find one that seems interesting, and attend a meeting or event. If it feels like a good fit, you will probably find a rich and nurturing environment for your family. If not, that’s okay. Just move on to the next group or create your own as you gain more confidence. Here is a list to get you started.

Large or small, every homeschooling family’s budget can benefit from a homeschool discount! Most stores and venues prefer proof of homeschooling, which is usually just a homeschool I.D. card. Many homeschool support groups provide I.D. cards as a perk of paid membership. Here is a list of homeschool and teacher discounts in The Woodlands and Greater Houston area.
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